Hay day hack updated to new update

Have you guys heard about our new Hay day hack update?  Ok let me explain what is it. The hay day has introduced two new cards in the game which unlocks at level 77 and level 80. These cards are Tea stall and Taco Kitchen. Tea stall will give you a nice European feeling however the old Taco kitchen will take you directly to Mexico. The objects are designed well and you cant miss them even when you are zoomed out due to specific color and design features which makes them visible.

Hay day hack

Now our older hay day hack was able to unlock and generate upto previous updates and with update Supercell updated the gaming engine and now we have to find an alternative to make it work. The updated hack will let you level up and reach the level required to unlock these cards. Once you reach level 77 Taco Kitchen will require 700,000 gold, which you can generate using our hay day hack, for Tea stall you need to level up to 80 and it will require 750,000 gold which again can be generated easily with our hack.

We have also released a new hack on the supercell latest game Clash Royale. This Clash Royale hack will let you generate unlimited resources which you can again use for  level up. However we are still in beta phase so this hack wont let you jump levels. You need to do it manually, generate resources, complete tasks, speed them up using unlimited gems and elixir and jump to next level. We are constantly working on to upgrade it and enable level jumping so that you dont need to do even this. Enjoy these two little hacks and we will be back with new hacks soon.

Do Apple itunes giftcards work?

If you go with the looks and design of itunes then it’s the best one you can not get anywhere else. But when it comes to its working then, it’s not that much satisfactory in case of low cost giftcards. If you switch to some costly music streaming service then, the music quality is better than some cheap third grade streaming. iTunes code generator generate many valid codes.

These Apple itunes giftcards work quite satisfactory when the price of the such card is very high on Apple stores. If you compromise with the price of giftcard then, you will be having some bad quality of content on your ipod.  Go with an average priced giftcard and enjoy music on your iOS device. If you are using giftcards for the first time then, try a high priced ones and then, get down the price of it when you get experience how to use it on your device. So, go on and try it from itunes as soon as you can.